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PANACEA - When a virus spreads through the Americas, Ken learns he is the cure - and a weapon.

WRONG DOOR - Seven short stories about revenge, humility, forgiveness and greed.

THE VASECTOMY JOURNAL - Your questions answered from decision to incision to recovery.

THE CLEARING: Distorted Stories Vol. 1 - Four short stories of dark humor, horror, revenge and feel good fear.

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Andy's Cassie
In the summer of 1988, seventeen year old metal head, Andy Covey, moves with his mother, Wendy, outside the small, mountain town of Crowville, WA. Andy’s father has left the family, or so Andy tells his friends, and has no supervision from his timid mother. Being blunt and short-tempered doesn't win him many friends in town, but he is instantly popular with the girls at school, including the girl he wants, flirty Cassie Bowman. Cassie, however, has a boyfriend and to date Andy would trade a financially comfortable future with her boyfriend's family for a future of uncertainty. As Cassie loses family and friends, she grows closer to Andy, but soon wonders if Andy is clearing the obstacles that keep them apart.

Home Building Journal - A chronology of buying our lake property and building our home
Since I was very young my dream home has gone through many revisions and locations. Not having a large income, we knew we had to make smart choices and research thoroughly to build our own home on a property we would enjoy. This is a near daily journal from the moment my wife and I invested in an acre of land on a lake with no real chance of building a home, to the fortunate events and choices we made to realize a dream come true. The journal covers the first visit with the builder, trips to the banks, permits, documents, changes, frustrations and negotiations. The process my wife and I went through was not perfect and not terrible, which makes it typical and relatable to anyone considering building their dream home.

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