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COLD TURKEY CAFFEINE CUT - Seven day's of caffeine withdrawals

Cold Turkey Caffeine Cut

I drink at least one energy drink per day. This is 3 or 4 cups of coffee or 200mg of caffeine. I do get a headache if I don’t have an energy drink by the evening which is a problem if I need to work the next morning.

One weekend I went on a camping trip and forgot to get an energy drink. I only realized this after the camping store had closed. I didn’t have access to run to town and get my caffeine fix, so I hoped to get through the night without a headache. Well, the headache set in about the time I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. Besides being in a full campground, downwind from overflowing outhouses and the extra heavy-duty springs slamming the doors shut behind defecators, the drunks in my camping party were very loud. Headaches don’t like loud and anything irritating. Everything is amplified. Smell, sounds, touch, feel and even sight are all subject to frustration.

The headache did not subside all night, so first thing in the morning, I went to the camping store and down an energy drink. I normally take several hours to drink one, but this one I had to get into my system ASAP.

At this time, I wondered how long it would take to get through a caffeine withdrawal. I decided I needed to know this and not quit caffeine but drink less energy drinks.

Following is the daily experience of my caffeine withdrawals.

June 3 Sunday – Day 0

I normally would drink one or two energy drinks. Today I drank one from 8AM until about noon. I only drank this one and I slept fine. No headache.

June 4 Monday – Day 1 no caffeine

I skipped my 6AM energy drink that would normally last me all morning. By 8AM I have a headache. I need to sit still for it to go away. Every step feels like the back of my head will explode. I almost took some caffeine in the afternoon because my head hurt so bad. I napped on and off my entire lunch hour.

Fell asleep for about an hour after I got home. I went to bed at about 10PM. Fell asleep about 11PM. I woke several times but overall had a good sleep. My back hurts though.

June 5 Tuesday – Day 2 no caffeine

I woke up to my back in pain. It started low and up to the middle of my back. The muscles are stiff and sore. I may be in the same position too long when I sleep. I became very tired about 8AM. The headache is there but not bad. When walking from my car to the office I felt my headache. I got sleepy during a meeting. I’ve been very hungry today and eating a lot. I went to bed at 10PM and fell asleep soon after. My back bothered me all day.

June 6 Wednesday – Day 3 no caffeine

Woke up at 3:30AM and couldn’t get back to sleep on account of my back pain. I can’t find a position that is comfortable.

It’s 4:30AM now. Maybe I need a professional message. I keep rolling on to my stomach and side. I had to learn a few years ago to sleep on my back but I’ve been sleeping on my stomach and side for a while now. Lack of caffeine? and both say caffeine withdrawal can cause muscle stiffness including back pain. I feel better knowing I can blame something. It’s 11AM and it’s really bad. Feels best when I’m moving. Good thing the headache and backaches aren’t on the same days!

June 7 Thursday – Day 4 no caffeine

No headache but my back hurts again. Not as bad though. My neck has hurt since the beginning but I figured I did something during a workout but today I realize that the more pain and stiffness in my neck is likely due to the caffeine withdrawal. I did a light workout today. My back is still hurting but again, not too bad.

9:45PM and I’m very tired.

June 8 Friday – Day 5 no caffeine

No problems. Not even tired. My back does hurt a little, but really nothing. I will have a light workout and even plan to run tomorrow morning.

June 9 Saturday – Day 6 no caffeine

I fell asleep around 12:30AM. I did get up and went for a run and sprint at 8AM. I did several sprints. Many stops and walks as my back did start hurting and my right hip was taking a while to stretch out. I think because the caffeine withdrawal. I ended up running off and on for 3.5 miles and my back is aching.

I rewarded my self with a frappe at McDonald’s. On the second sip I thought “oh damn!” I was going to go at least 7 days without. I’m not going to go too hard on myself because the withdrawals are pretty much over anyway, but I didn’t have any more of the drink.

It’s 11:20AM and I’m tired. Geeze I have been eating like a farm boy. I am probably downing three times the calories I usually do. Kolaches, cake, fries. I’ll eat anything this week. McMuffins, hash browns and vending machine cinnamon rolls.

June 10 Sunday – Day 7 no caffeine

I fell asleep for about an hour yesterday then didn’t fall back asleep until 2:20AM Sunday morning. I got up before 9AM and finished reading a book. 5PM was the official 7 day mark with no caffeine. (Less two sips of a mocha frappe). No neck pain. No back pain. No head pain.

Tomorrow I will reward my self with an energy drink. I never said I was or wanted to quit forever. I just wanted to know that I can do it and what to expect.


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